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“Finding, Buying, Collecting, Restoring and Showing Collectible Speedboats From The 50’s And 60’s.”

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For over 10 years now, thousands of people, who had bought an old fiberglass boat.. heard about Kev “Fin” Mueller. Kevin started collect-ing back in 1991 and has accumulated many of the world’s rarest and weirdest speedboats.

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Fin City Forum where serious collectors talk about their boats and projects.  Keep up to date with progress on the KevFin Collection and Fin City Restorations.

KevFin and the Beloit All Classics Boat and Motor Show have been featured on local News and Cable TV Shows.  A great example of this is the segment from the “My Classic Cars” television program.  Kevin has since been interviewed about the increasing values of these boats by “Pawn Shop Stars” television show.

N.Y.  TIMES Article & Video TIMES Follow-Up Article "High Seas Hot Rods" KevFin - "As Seen On TV" Midwest Show Information

What is Project X ?  Visit Kevin’s Fin City Forum to follow the daily log for one of the most ambitious Classic Re-Creation projects ever attempted.   Learn how KevFin and his crew are meticulously duplicating Brooks Steven’s futuristic “Dream” Boat, The Evinrude Lark also known as the Cadillac Sea Lark.

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PHOTO:  Courtesy of the N.Y. TIMES

PHOTO:  Courtesy of the N.Y. TIMES

Over a 5 year period, VideoBob recorded his visits to KevFin’s collection and boat shows.  Kevin invited Bob on several quests to record one-of-a-kind boats and events celebrating this wild era of  speed-crazed, acetone-induced, fintastic boat designs.

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